In the ancient days of Golaron, gods walked the world like men.

One of the most visible reminders of their legacy in Osirion is the shell of the monstrous scarab Ulunat, destroyed in those elder days by Nethys before he ascended from the world. Whole districts of Sothis, Osirion’s capitol, now shelter from the desert sun under the immense shell of this destroyed spawn of Rovagug.

In the current Age of Lost Omens, such reminders of direct divine action seem almost mundane. The average citizen of Sothis may glance up at the giant shell dozens of times a day and not once think of the monumental achievement that led to its presence here in the desert. Yet, the gods still work their mysterious wills on the course of the world, and few guess what miracles they might next attempt. Moreover, in a world that boasts a path to divinity in the Starstone, who knows what works mortals might accomplish if they have the courage to walk the right paths?

Legacy of Nethys

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