Character Creation Info

Loads of world info can be found at Pathfinder Wiki.

Classes: All existing 4e classes should be fine, though some may want little RP tweaks to work. (The Shadow power source assassins use will be a bit different, for instance, as there is no Shadowfell in Pathfinder, but skills will stay the same. )

Nationalities: I strongly suggest choosing a nation or region of origin, regardless of race, as these will help story hooks. The Pathfinder wiki has good info on the nations of Golaron. We’re starting in Osirion, but adventurers from all over the world can be found there.

Backgrounds: Each character may take one General or Eberron background benefit, reflavoring it to Pathfinder. Other backgrounds may be negotiable, but many are too powerful.

Faiths: I’m planning to explore the mythology of Golaron with this campaign, so choosing a faith will also help with story hooks. This us true even of you’re not playing a Divine class. Divine classes can take Channel Divinity and Divine feats and Paragon Paths for corresponding non-Pathfinder dieties. For instance, Saranrae-worshipping characters might take feats for Pelor, or other Sun or Fire-related Core dieties. Check with me if the domain correspondances are iffy.

Races: Most common 4e races are fine, including monstrous races. A few exceptions offhand:

There are no Warforged, Bladelings, or Shardminds in Golaron. There are gith races in my Golaron, as they only don’t exist in Pathfinder materials because of copyright issues. Shadar-Kai don’t work because there is no Raven Queen, but might be tweakable RP-wise if someone is totally in love with playing one. Drow exist but are substantially different RP-wise, as there is no Lolth and the Pathfinder Underdark (the Darklands) is very different from core D&D. Anything really wacky or otherplanar should be run by me.

Level: Characters are starting at first level, with normal speed progression. They’ll be advancing together, so everyone is about halfway through first now based on exp earned at the game teaser a couple of weeks ago. I have a broad story arc sketched out all the way through epic tier.

Languages: All characters get, in addition to what the character generator gives them, bonus languages equal to one, plus the highest of Int, Wis, or Cha mod. These languages may be taken at character creation, or slots may be saved to learn more languages in play. Increasing the appropriate stat mod in play will add another language slot.

Expertise Feats: All PCs get a flat +1 To Hit bonus, which can be represented in the generator by houseruling in Expertise feats as needed. This is not treated as a Feat Bonus, so other feats that add hit chance will stack.

Character Creation Info

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